1984 is Coming

Paul Greengrass to direct George Orwell’s classic.

Report by Jamie Roberts.

A film still from 1984 (1984, dir. Michael Radford)

As 1984’s spookily accurate portrayal of an omnipresent surveillance society becoming ever more real, there’s no better time for a new big-budget cinematic adaption of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel. That’s exactly what’s in the pipeline, with Paul Greengrass set to direct for Sony.

Orwell’s book, first published in 1949, portrayed a broken society of the future, a society in constant war that turned its citizens into mindless worker drones, leading to the term Orwellian being used to describe the kind of draconian surveillance state depicted in the book.

This isn’t the first time it’s been adapted, in Michael Radford’s 1984 effort John Hurt played the lead role of Winston Smith, the man who tries to rebel against the tyranny of Big Brother’s propaganda.

Scott Rudin is producing the new adaptation, and James Graham is set to work on the script. It’s not the first time Rudin and Greengrass have worked together, having teamed up on the Oscar nominated Captain Phillips, as well as the eagerly anticipated Memphis, a film chronicling the final days of Martin Luther King Jr.

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