30 Day Film Challenge

Day 1: What is the one film everyone must see and why?
Day 2: The film with the place you’d most like to live and what makes it so special?
Day 3: The film with the moment that most makes you hide behind the sofa and why?
Day 4: The film character you’d most like as your best friend and why?
Day 5: The best means of transport in a film and why you’d like to try it.
Day 6: The movie character(s) with the best dance moves – and would you join them on the dance floor?
Day 7: The film that most takes you back to your childhood & why?
Day 8: Your funniest laugh-out-loud moment in a film.
Day 9: The film with the most heroic act of bravery or courage.
Day 10: The film character you most love to hate and why?
Day 11: The best food or meal eaten in a film
Day 12: The best film set in a school or college (other than Hogwarts!) and why?
Day 13: The film character with the best – or worst – hairstyle.
Day 14: The best bro-mance (two male buddies) in a movie.
Day 15: The first foreign language film that made you forget you were reading subtitles, and why?
Day 16: The best screen mom and why?
Day 17: The fight scene that affected you the most.
Day 18: The film set in the era you’d most like to travel back to, and why?
Day 19: The film with the invention you’d most like to try out – and how you’d use it.
Day 20: The best fictional rock or pop band in a movie.
Day 21: The film animal you’d most like as a pet.
Day 22: The best remake of a film and why it worked.
Day 23: The film sporting event you cheered on the most and why.
Day 24: The best robbery or theft in a film.
Day 25: The best performance by a child in a film.
Day 26: The film scene that best illustrates how you will be spending your weekend – or would like to.
Day 27: The best piece of wisdom or advice you received from a film.
Day 28: The most dysfunctional family or household in a film.
Day 29: The film moment that most gives you a lump in your throat and why?


The Showfilmfirst 30 Day Film Challenge is designed to get you talking about and discovering film.

Each day we will give you a category and you give us your best answer, post an image or clip from the film you’ve chosen, and then tell us why you have chosen this film.

The aim of the challenge is to help people discover more new movies. There’s so much choice out there and you can’t beat real, personal recommendations. This is your chance to champion your choices and introduce them to others, so they can enjoy them too.


Win Cinema Tickets

Each day, for the first 30 days the challenge is live, the SFF team will pick their favourite answer & comment, and give the writer two free cinema tickets. That’s 30 chances!

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So what do I Have To Do?

1. First, ‘like’ our 30 Day Film Challenge Facebook page. (Remember to set it so that you receive notification of our latest posts).

2. We recommend you create a photo album titled ‘SFF 30 Day Film Challenge’. From Monday 13th July, 2015, we shall add a new category each day for 30 Days, but anyone can join at any time, just start from Day One. (If you want to just post the title of the film and why you’ve chosen it, without posting images, that’s fine too)

3. Each day, check out the category. Find an image – or a youtube clip – that illustrates your chosen film – or you can just post the title – and post it to the 30 Day Film Challenge Page or follow the category comment thread. Title it #SFF30Film – Day 1 (or 2, 3, etc) – then the category. Then comment about why you have chosen this movie. While you’re there, check out what other people are posting and give them a comment. And, if you watch a film based on someone’s recommendation, remember to come back and tell other members about that too.

4. Then, share the post on your own page, or on a friend’s page, to encourage them to join in.

Sharing is Caring

Please keep the conversation going. This is all about discovering movies, so please share across your social networks.

This is an organic thing so we’ll be adding new stuff and tweaking it to perfection as we go along. If you have any suggestions how we can improve the challenge, or have ideas for future categories, then drop us a line.

Please be nice

This is a supportive project. Please, please don’t post anything spammy, derogatory or downright nasty. Offensive comments will be removed.

Thanks for joining in, and enjoy your 30 Days of Film.


Disclaimer: The Showfilmfirst 30 Day Film Challenge is the sole responsibility of Showfilmfirst. It is not endorsed by Facebook, Amazon, Twitter or any other third party sites. This includes any competitions or similar offers relating to the Showfilmfirst 30 Day Film Challenge.  All competitions and offers are at the discretion of Showfilmfirst and may be withdrawn at any time. UK entrants only eligible for cinema tickets. Organiser’s decision is final.