47 Ronin


Japanese legend comes to life when Keanu Reeves makes an explosive return in the epic action adventure 47 RONIN. An epic fantasy tale of revenge, with legendary heroes, shape-shifting witches, mythical beasts, told with incredible special effects. The story bursts onto Blu-ray with Ultraviolet & DVD on 28 April 2013 also available on Limited Edition 2 Disc Lenticular 3D & 2D Blu-ray

A visually spectacular story of revenge, love and honour, 47 RONIN is based on the fictional story of the forty-seven Ronin, a real-life group of master-less samurai who in 18th-century Japan choose to avenge the murder of their master.

When a deceitful warlord manages to trick the Samurai’s master into his untilmely death his followers find themselves leaderless, dis-honoured and banished from their village. Upon realising their master was bewitched and part of an evil plot the Ronin vow to seek vengeance and restore honour to their people, however to do this they must seek the help of Kai — a half-breed who they once rejected.

Starring king of ‘The Matrix’ series Keanu Reeves (Speed, Chain Reaction) as the main protagonist Kai, the film also stars Hiroyuki Sanda (Wolverine, Sunshine) and Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim, The Brothers Bloom). 47 RONIN is the directorial debut for Carl Rinsch (The Gift), produced by Scott Stuber (Ted, Identity Thief), Pamela Abdy (Identity Thief, upcoming Endless Love) and Eric Mcleod (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Austin Powers series).

Featuring a host of new and exclusive extras from the film this is one heroic story which will inspire, excite and challenge audiences to seize eternity when it comes to Blu-ray with Ultraviolet & DVD, Limited Edition 2 Disc Lenticular 3D & 2D Blu-ray on 28 April 2013

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