About Us

Showfilmfirst work with the UK’s film distributors to organize preview film screenings for target audiences. These tickets are completely free and anyone can register to receive invites. So, what’s the catch, we hear you ask?

There isn’t one; but it does help to understand how cinema exhibition works – something which you, as a film lover and a Showfilmfirst member, can help shape.

The best films are the ones that fully understand their target audience. Does your Bruce-Willis-Vin-Diesel loving other half really want to be dragged along to the latest Almodovar movie? Would your granny’s new pacemaker stand up to the thrills of the new Evil Dead remake? Ok, some might, but generally it’s a big No! The proven best recommendation for a film is word-of-mouth, and the film distributors want the people they think will most love a film to see it – and to tell all their friends about it.

So being a Showfilmfirst member is not only a great opportunity but also a privilege. You are a Very Important Person to the industry. It’s your reaction and feedback that matters. Remember Charlie and the golden ticket? You hang on to it and don’t share it with anybody! Why? Because the distributor thinks YOU will enjoy this film, not your brother or your auntie or your boss. Wrong audiences generate wrong feedback, and wrong feedback means preview screenings won’t work. So please, don’t share voucher codes.

The best thing you can do, when you’re recommending this great little film you’ve seen, is tell them you heard about it through Showfilmfirst and that if they sign-up they’ll get to hear about free screenings for films they’d enjoy too.

Showfilmfirst are a small team who have been organizing preview screenings since 2003 – over nine million tickets, in fact! With over one million registered users, we couldn’t invite everyone to every screening, even if we wanted to. We know people don’t fit neatly into boxes. We understand that you might have a bit of a thing for Justin Bieber, but it’s always going to be your teenage daughter and her friends that his film is aimed at – the target audience. Film is a business at the end of the day and better box office takings mean more films get made, and so more films for you to see. We know there might be some you like but don’t receive an invite for, but just think about it from the distributor’s point of view – would you really rave about your secret guilty film pleasure to the ladies at your cake decorating class? No, neither would we. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other invites pinging their way into your inbox, ones you’ll be happy to shout about.

So, free films for film lovers, lending your voice and helping shape cinema exhibition in the UK, that’s what it’s all about. Don’t be the weak link in the cinema chain. And it’s not just film.

We also get occasional shows, concerts and other events. This may be due to ticket cancellations or, as with film, the producers simply want to spread positive word of mouth. Whatever the reason, it means more opportunities for you, ranging from musicals to magic shows, modern dance to mime, comedy to pop concerts. Tickets for these are limited and often appeal to specific audiences, so please think before you respond if the event would really be for you, particularly if you’ve heard about it through the Showfilmfirst newsletter or Twitter/Facebook pages. It’s a great way of trying something new but if you do go and find it’s not to your taste, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad show, so please take this into consideration when telling people about it.

In all, it’s a terrific system that benefits everyone, but only if you stick to a few golden rules, which as a responsible member of the audience we’re sure you will. These are:

  • Don’t share Showfilmfirst codes with strangers online. EVER.
  • Turn up on time.
  • Be polite to box office staff. If you have a query, contact Showfilmfirst, not the venue direct.
  • If you have allocated seating, don’t try and change what you’ve been given. If you want to sit in Row C, upper circle, half way down the row, then PAY to get exactly the seat you want.
  • Use your discretion. The person sitting next to you may have paid for their ticket. You’d be annoyed if you’d paid and you heard the person to your right saying they’d got virtually the same seat for free, wouldn’t you?
  • Remember your popcorn. Maybe not for King Lear or Swan Lake though.
  • If you can’t attend a screening or show, remember to cancel your ticket so that someone else can enjoy it instead.
  • Respond to feedback requests. Your opinion really does matter.
  • If you loved the film or show, tell everyone you know; if you didn’t, tell us.
  • Tell everyone about this great site you found called Showfilmfirst…


Showfilmfirst love working together with distributors, producers and you, the audience. Our combined love of film and industry expertise has allowed us to grow and besides now offering occasional tickets for shows, concerts and other performances, we are able to negotiate other fantastic offers for our members. We are always looking for exciting ways to develop further and you can be sure you will be first to know what’s going on.

Thanks for reading and observing these guidelines, and thank you for being a part of Showfilmfirst – we couldn’t do it without you.

Happy viewing!