Ad Astra: confirmed for January 2019

Brad Pitt’s new sci-fi movie, Ad Astra, has now begun filming and is definitely, definitely happening. What’s more, we have a release date for the film, too.

20th Century Fox – that’s backing the movie – has confirmed that it plans to release it on January 11th 2019. The film has also been confirmed to co-star Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland, Jamie Kennedy and John Finn.

If all had originally gone to plan, Brad Pitt would be in post-production now on World War Z 2, ahead of its release this summer. But Paramount has delayed the film, and it’s unlikely it’ll be in a position to shoot this year. As such, Pitt has a gap in his schedule, and the beneficiary being  Ad Astra.

The film is set to be directed by James Gray, who co-wrote the screenplay with Ethan Ross.

It’s the story of a space engineer with slight autism, whose father had to leave Earth two decades before on a mission to Neptune with no return. He was hunting for alien life, and Pitt’s character is set to recreate the journey, to find out just what happened to his dad.

More as we hear it.