Alden Ehrenreich will play Han Solo

In what directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are joking is “the best kept secret in Hollywood,” Alden Ehrenreich has been confirmed to play young Han Solo in the standalone Star Wars movie from Disney.

The news was made official at Star Wars Celebration, with Lord and Miller saying that they audition over 3000 people, but it was a waste of time because “the person who got the part was the first person to audition. Literally, the first person who walked through the door.”

Alden Ehrenreich, who’s starred in Hail, Caesar! and Beautiful Creatures, joined the directors on stage and revealed that he did screen tests on the Millennium Falcon and with Chewbacca! Talk about pressure. He also said he was pleased that his role had finally been confirmed as people kept congratulating him and he wasn’t able to say anything.

John Boyega made a surprise appearance also, and greeted  Alden saying, “You’re gonna be Han Solo, man!” But did The Force Awakens star have any advice for the newest member of the Star Wars family? “You’ve got the charm thing down,” Boyega said. “Look at him, he’s smiling just like Han Solo.”

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and starring Alden Ehrenreich, the Han Solo standalone movie is scheduled to open on May 25, 2018.