By Sarah Jayne Alexander

In the early hours of this morning via his own official instagram account, Neil Blomkamp (District 9/ Chappie) posted some of his Aliens concept art -which he actually posted last year for this first time- followed with what seems to be confirmation that ‘Aliens 5’ has been given the green light and WILL be his next project.

The South African director last week almost broke the internet when he released some of his concept art for what he hoped would be used if there was to ever be an Aliens 5 feature film. Fans of the franchise greeted the

You can check the post which so far over 10,000 followers have liked in approval below:


Following on from our feature on the released images and possibility of a fith installment last week were we reported that 20th Century Fox were happy to invest in the production but the problems lay with Blomkamp, we can now amend that and confirm that  Fox have closed a deal withthe  director and production is likely to start sooner rather than later now that his next film ‘Chappie’ is complete and ready for release.

The concept art was apparently drawn up by Blomkamp during the post-edit stage of the new film. He only released a few images initially but was quick to add afterwards that “there is tons more that remains unseen” adding to the excitement of fans across the world who were hoping for today’s news. There hasn’t been any information released so far on a possible storyline or whether Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) will be back to reprise her role but she was included in Neil Blomkamp’s original concept artwork (which you can view here: Alien 5 ) and she expressed her interest in the role last week when interviewed by ‘Coming Soon’ . Weaver confirmed the pair began collaborating on the concept for a new film during Blomkamp’s forthcoming science-fiction tale Chappie, in which she also stars. When the subject of the Aliens 5 news came up, she was quick to respond “He kept sending me these brilliant designs and ideas and everything so If something happens from this, it would be very organic and very original, and because of that it would make me want to do it” she added that “If it was directed by someone as talented as Neill, I’d certainly listen.We’ll see what happens”

From what we know so far, the untitled sci-fi project will be entirely separate from ‘Prometheus 1& 2’ which Fox is also behind with Ridley Scott as director. According to reports, the fith film takes place years after the Prometheus sequel. Prometheus is loosely based on the “Alien” franchise and earned over $400 million worldwide but the 3D  version opened to mixed reviews. Fox have commented on the news by saying they hope Blomkamp, who last directed ‘Elysium’ with Matt Damon, can “take the franchise to the next level”


More on this developing story as and when information becomes available.

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