Alison Brie: ‘Chemistry is instant’

Alison Brie can tell straight away if she has chemistry with her co-stars.

The actress takes a lead role alongside Jason Sudeikis in comedy Sleeping with Other People, which hits UK cinemas in January (16). Getting on with Jason was no problem, which Alison realised from the moment she met the star.

“I think you know immediately if you have chemistry with the person or you don’t, or if you’re working really hard to pretend like you do – which I’m not terrible at,” she smiled to Total Film magazine. “But it was so easy with him.”

The film is directed by Leslye Headland and doesn’t shy away from exploring topics like sex and relationships in depth. While some actors might have felt taken aback, Alison loved the open atmosphere on set.

“It was not nerve-wracking at all,” she insisted. “Leslye and I are very similar in that we are so open and forthcoming. We’re both very open and frank. And we don’t have a filter.”

Sleeping with Other People is a departure for Alison, who has previously played slightly more straight-laced characters such as Trudy Campbell in Mad Men. However, that didn’t put her off.

“Well, the characters that I’ve played to this point – mostly Annie (in TV show Community) and Trudy – are a bit more conservative – Trudy just because of her era – not just because. I don’t think Trudy would be sleeping around all the time,” she previously laughed to

“When I read this script, immediately I was drawn to the sexuality of this character. And knowing that Leslye had written it and was going to direct it, it felt like a safe way to explore that new ground. We had a lot of discussions about how the sex scenes would be shot before we even – before my contract was done. You know, you have to do a whole nudity writer and all that kind of stuff, so we had a lot of discussions about that stuff. And it definitely felt like a safe environment to get into that. Leslye is very, very anti-nudity in her sex scenes, which I find totally interesting.”

– Cover Media