Alison Brie: Strange relationships inspired film role

Actress Alison Brie was able to relate to her Sleeping with Other People character, as she’s also been in strange relationships with “bad guys”.

The 32-year-old star plays serial cheater Lainey opposite Jason Sudeikis’ womaniser Jake in the rom-com helmed by Bachelorette director Leslye Headland. Although they agree to a platonic relationship to help each other move on from their reckless behaviour, a mutual attraction soon sets in. Having gone through similar experiences herself, Alison – who’s engaged to Dave Franco – managed to get into the shoes of Lainey fairly easily.

“Oh, absolutely!” she admitted to “I don’t think I ever let it get to the point that Lainey does in terms of it being so unhealthy for her and you know, damaging, but absolutely I’ve been in strange relationships with bad guys who didn’t treat me so great or really where there was just an imbalance of commitment or infatuation I guess.”

This helped her understand why her alter ego might choose to continue an unhealthy pattern, as Alison knew what she was going through emotionally. Luckily working alongside funnyman Jason helped ease tensions between takes and the pair got along like a house on fire.

“He is the best, he’s so funny, he’s so smart, he’s very giving as a performer, very open,” Alison smiled. “I feel like he wants to make every scene as great as that scene can be and he’s not just trying to think about himself having the funniest lines or moments but he really had that greater vision for the whole script and for everyone around and it was really nice. It felt very supportive.”

Director-and-writer Leslye also helped create a good atmosphere on set, encouraging her cast to improvise wherever possible. Alison loved the fact that the leading lady was complex and interesting, and that Leslye didn’t follow the “quirky rom-com” route for a main character.

– Cover Media