Amanda Seyfried: Be proud of who you are

Actress Amanda Seyfried is worried that feeling like you’re not enough has become an epidemic.

The 29-year-old has starred in everything from Ted 2 to Les Misérables, becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses. Her big break came in the form of ditsy Karen Smith in Mean Girls, opposite Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan. The 2004 flick is still a much-loved classic for teenage girls and women, and Amanda truly believes ladies can take an important message from it.

“You are enough,” she told America’s Instyle magazine. “Feeling like you’re not is an epidemic. It’s why relationships – with friends and with significant others – are so hard for so many people. Where’s our self-worth, and why can’t we find it in ourselves? We shouldn’t have to look to others to make us feel needed.”

Many may envy Amanda’s A-list life, but the star admits her OCD doesn’t make for much fun. Luckily she’s learnt to keep it at bay with hobbies like painting, and observes that in some ways it may have even helped her career.

When asked to rate her biggest accomplishment, the Pan star surprised with her answer.

“One of the things I like most about myself is that I have no expectations,” she stated. “That may sound sad, but it’s gotten me through some tough times during adolescence and in my career. Of course I have dreams and goals, but I don’t expect people to hire me, and I don’t plan for my life to go in a certain direction. No form of success will feel like a big deal if you expected it.”

– Cover Media

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