Andrew Garfield: I’m still lost after Spider-Man

Actor Andrew Garfield still hasn’t figured out who he is, despite a life-changing role in the Spider-Man franchise.

The 32-year-old star is one of the most sought-after people in the industry, with film 99 Homes currently in cinemas around the globe, and two other features in production.

Despite the web-spinning hero bringing him fame and fortune, Andrew admits the franchise hasn’t left him feeling any surer of himself.

“We are told constantly we’re not enough, we’re told constantly that we don’t have enough, we’re told constantly that we’ll never be enough,” he told Vulture. “It’s that dangling-carrot thing.

“That was my experience with the Spider-Man thing. It’s like, ‘Oh, f**k, my life is now great!’ But in fact, I’m still f**ked up in my own ways, and insecure, and scared, and don’t really know who I am. Celebrity is the new religion, as far as I can see, along with money, power, status. It’s all the same umbrella – the seductive forces of evil, really.”

Though some could say there was a big positive to come out of starring in the films, meeting long-time girlfriend Emma Stone.

It’s been a long journey for Andrew, who made his film debut in 2007’s Boy A. But the handsome thespian wouldn’t have it any other way and still remembers how hard he worked to fulfil his acting desire.

“I started out at drama school, struggled, worked a bunch of odd jobs, like Starbucks, waited on tables, and had a very beautiful beginning doing theatre and f**king starving in the best way,” he added. “The work was this alchemical gold thing that I was searching for and longing for.”

– Cover Media

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