Andrew Scott: Sam Smith’s Spectre song is subtle

Spectre star Andrew Scott had to listen to Sam Smith’s theme tune several times before he really got into it.

The actor has joined the cast of the famed James Bond franchise as Max Denbigh, who is the head of the Centre for National Security. The 007 title song is as iconic as the gadgets the spy uses to fight off bad guys, with Sam’s track Writing’s On The Wall picked this time around, and initially Andrew wasn’t sure what to make of t.

“It took a few listens, but now I’m really into it,” he insisted to Britain’s Heat magazine. “It’s a more subtle Bond theme and all the more interesting for it.”

Andrew had teamed up with director Sam Mendes in the past, with the pair working on play The Vertical Hour together in 2006. When he got the call to go to meet Sam in his “Bond lair” before shooting on Spectre had begun he was thrilled, although nerves soon kicked in. Luckily the talk went very well and he didn’t have to wait long to hear the news he’d always dreamed of.

“A couple of days later I got a call offering me the role,” Andrew said. “I did dance around a bit, I can’t lie. No. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone for a while – just like all the things I do. I had to wait for the announcement event at Pinewood with the cast. I knew right from the start that it was a big number I had to keep secret.”

Even when he was allowed to talk about it, Andrew still felt some attacks of nerves. Turning up for this first day of shooting was mind-blowing and something he’ll never forget.

“It was quite scary,” he laughed. “I’ve been doing this stuff for a few years, but this was different. We shot on the set of the MI5 offices and I felt like I was stepping into Bond history. It was fairly intimidating to look around and think, ‘Wow, I’m in this rather than just watching.'”

– Cover Media