Angels Vs Bullies (12A)

In a school, a failing school specialising in music, Gabriel, gang-leader and graffiti artist who breaks into the school building after dark, begins to see ghosts. At first he only sees one ghost – a beautiful young teenager who was a victim of bullying. Soon though, others appear. Only the bewildered Gabriel can see them.

He begins to encounter the ghost girl with disturbing frequency. She warns him that Lucy, the talented but fragile singer of the school rock band, Spray Can Angels, is being bullied and is soon destined to join the ranks of the ghosts

Unless Gabriel can prevent it…

With the arrival of the school inspectors, and everything hanging on the school concert at a nearby night spot, the pace is ratcheted up. “Angels vs Bullies” races towards a tense and moving double climax – to save Lucy and the school.

The film’s themes will resonate universally with young people and adults alike.


Dir. Chris Turner, UK, 2015, 81 mins

Cast: Alex Barham, Eleanor Corcoran, Harry Goodwins


Angels vs Bullies – Offical Movie Trailer from Angels vs Bullies on Vimeo.

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