Anne Hathaway: I love working with legends

Anne Hathaway views age as a fluid thing.

The 32-year-old actress has worked with a long list of fellow A-listers during her career, including Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman and Matthew McConaughey.

Her current co-star is Robert De Niro, 72, in comedy The Intern. Anne was thrilled to be working with one of her all-time favourite thespians and it certainly lived up to her expectations.

“It did. It’s always fun to work with more seasoned actors, someone whose work you respect. I think of age as a fluid thing. But when you get to work with someone like Bobby, you have such a beautiful range of work to learn from before you even meet them,” she gushed to Empire magazine. “And then getting to see up close how that body of work came into being is tremendous. But then, when I work with Emily Blunt [in The Devil Wears Prada], she floored me every single day and I hadn’t seen any of her previous work.”

Robert joined her for the chat with the publication and both stars discussed their career beginnings. The legendary actor has been in the industry for five decades, but can still remember getting his very first pay cheque.

“In my case it was a movie with Brian De Palma, The Wedding Party, his first big feature. I was 19 and I was with my mother,” he recalled. “She had to sign the cheque because I was under age. We were looking at the contract and it said ’50 dollars’. I thought it meant 50 dollars a week. My mom said, ‘No, it’s 50 dollars, period. That’s what you’re getting paid for the whole movie.’”

Funnily enough one of Anne’s early jobs resulted in the same pay, playing an extra in the theatre production of Gigi when she was 13.

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