Anthony Mackie: ‘I thought director lied about Kate Winslet’s part in Triple 9’

Anthony Mackie didn’t believe Kate Winslet was in his new movie Triple 9, until she showed up on set.

The stars are joined by an A-list ensemble cast, with Aaron Paul, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck and Chiwetel Ejiofor also featuring. Director John Hillcoat helms the heist flick, about a gang of criminals hired by violent Russian mobsters.

Anthony plays Marcus Atwood, a dirty cop who’s forced to buddy up with Casey’s honest police character Chris when he joins Marcus’ station. The ensemble nature of the movie meant not all the cast got to shoot together, which led Anthony to question whether John was telling the truth when it came to Kate’s involvement.

“This movie was really broken up in a way to where it was shot in two different worlds; the Russian mafia part involving Kate was shot early,” he told Cover Media. “And we actually met one day on set. We were doing a shoot out in a parking lot and she walked up, like ‘Hey guys.’ It was like ‘Jeez, wow. You’re in this movie. He wasn’t lying to me’.”

Kate plays mobster wife Irina, and she had to tackle a Russian accent for the part. Most of the British star’s scenes are with Chiwetel, which meant she didn’t really see many of the other actors while filming.

“We’ve all spent more time together in the last 24 hours than we did on set,” she laughed. “But when I did go to visit the set on that day, I had finished my shooting about seven/ eight weeks earlier and was back in Atlanta shooting insurgent. So that’s how spread out it really was.”

Triple 9 hits cinemas from 19 February (16).

– Cover Media

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