Arnie’s Movies in 60 Secs

Arnold Schwarzenegger & James Corden on the Late, Late Show

Remember a little while back, on James Corden’s first night as the host of ‘The Late, Late Show’, when he teamed up with Tom Hanks to recreate all of the Oscar-winner’s movies in the space of six minutes?

Well, he’s been at it again. This time, his co-star was none other than The Terminaor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Kicking off in very fetching pink and green kimonos, they run through snippets from Arnie’s thirty year film career, from Conan The Barbarian to Terminator 2, with all the favourites, including Twins, Pumping Iron, Total Recall, Jingle All The Way and Kindergarten Cop.  Corden’s a brave man, being on the receiving end of the action star’s fist and feet for more than one of the scenes, though Schwarzenegger seems to enjoy receiving a lap dance from his bikini clad host!

Here’s the video in full:

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