Assassin’s Creed: new images

New images from the Assassin’s Creed movie with Michael Fassbender have been unleashed…

It’s only July, but Christmas is coming early for Assassin’s Creed fans awaiting December’s Yuletide slaughter of ancient lands. Indeed, 20th Century Fox has released two new images of Michael Fassbender as, technically, two different characters in the film.
In the below images, you can see Fassbender as first Aguilar, the 15th century assassin who joins his heroic cult in Spain just in time to face the dreaded Spanish Inquisition… because no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition (we’ll get our own coat).

There is also one of Fassbender as Callum Lynch, Augilar’s 2016 descendent who is actually the main protagonist of the film. After the Templars fake Callum’s death (he is on Texan death row for murder), he ends up in one of their Spanish facilities where they seek to merge him with Aguilar in order to discover an object hidden in the past. But by the looks of the below image, it seems they are also giving the modern day man the skillset of an ancient killer.