Avatar 2 set to screen in glasses-free 3D

Production is finally getting underway on Avatar 2 in the coming weeks, with James Cameron and his extensive team also making Avatar 3, Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 over the coming years. Avatar, of course, was a groundbreaker when it came to the use of 3D in movies, and effectively kickstarted the current 3D boom that’s been dwindling out in recent years.

James Cameron plans to do something about that. Thus, whilst it’s little surprise that he plans to make his four upcoming Avatar sequels in 3D, what is slightly more eyebrow-raising is that he’s set to remove the need for 3D glasses. That you’ll be able to get the 3D effect, without having to wear anything to get it.

This had been talked about previously, but it seems now that the work is pressing ahead, and thanks to a further team-up with Christie Digital, an RGB laser projection system (that delivers bright images – up to 60,000 lumens – at a high frame rate) will be ready for Avatar 2’s release. The report at Inside The Magic does talk about glasses-free 3D being “within reach”, and so it’s not 100% definite yet. But Cameron’s reputation for breaking down technical boundaries with his films mean we’re certainly not wagering against him here.

There is also the small matter of cinemas needing to invest in the technology to project the glasses-free 3D that Avatar 2 is likely to have. But given that the movie doesn’t come out until December 18th 2020, there’s plenty of time to work that out.

Inside The Magic