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Russo Brothers Confirmed To Succeed Joss Whedon On Marvel ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Production.

By Sarah Jayne Alexander

After raking in a whopping $1.520 Billion for the first of Marvel’s Avengers trilogy back in 2012, Joss Whedon was once again (and quite rightly so) given the job of writing and directing the sequel ‘Age Of Ultron’ due for worldwide release in 2015. With that in mind, it might come as a surprise to fans to learn that late on Friday it was reported- due to the server breach at Sony, that the ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ duo ‘The Russo Brothers’ will be taking over for the phase 3 2-part finale instead. The title of the 3rd instalment ‘Infinity War’ was announced by Kevin Feige at the Marvel Event in October with a release date of May 2018 for part one and May 2019 for part 2 and will see the Avengers assemble one last time against Thanos, the Titan warlord seen post-credit in Thor and again in James Gunn’s super hit ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (the Guy with the ginormous chin).

What do the Avengers films have to do with Sony you may ask?

Well! According to emails that were hacked into, the Avengers: Infinity War reveals were found amongst other another Marvel related project -the ongoing Spider-Man situation in which Marvel Studios (and fans) are requesting the web weaving franchise be given back to them for a reboot.  From the leak, Portuguese site Overtice apparently deciphered an email sent by the Russo’s to Sony chairman Amy Pascal, stating that it is “a pity that negotiations with Marvel did not work” referring of course to the recent news that Marvel Studios tried (and failed) to get Spider-Man involved with the forthcoming “Captain America: Civil War” film they are currently shooting. The email went on to reveal that they will direct both parts of the recently announced ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ once they have wrapped on ‘The Gray Man’ which at present isn’t in production and has no release date. They did also offer to produce future Spider-Man films for Sony adding it would require a difficult but necessary conversation” with current producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach.

Both Avengers films have been added to the Russo’s Wikipedia Filmography page since the leak on  Friday.

The server being breached last week has led to a monumental amount of personal information, final edits, and scoops like the Avengers Director swap being leaked way ahead of schedule.  The 2-parter still has a few years until release so things on the Phase 3 front could change but it is unlikely that Joss Whedon will be director after hinting that Age of Ultron would be his last. Even if the Russo brothers do go on to direct what will ultimately be the big finale/conclusion of Marvel’s Phase 3, the current Avengers director may stay on to write and produce-after all, he brought the Avengers to our screens to begin with and what is a creation without its creator? We would like to see Joss Whedon make Marvel films forever but we are willing to accept the next best thing.

Here’s why;

The first Captain America film released in 2011 was regarded as ‘pretty good’ but not incredible and it certainly didn’t reach a 99% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes but that was before The Avengers landed in 2012, closing down phase 1 with record breaking box office takings and raising the bar for not only Marvel releases, but comic book adaptations everywhere.  No easy feat by anyone’s standards but it raised the question, what qualities do future directors need to have in order to produce billion dollar hits of this standard?

The duo blew everyone’s minds in 2014.The Russo Brothers –formerly known for 2006 comedy ‘You, Me and Dupree’ -were the furthest choice in anyone’s mind for receiving the hefty task of making Captain America 2 a much needed box office hit and having only directed 3 films (all non-comic book related) before being announced as Joe Johnson’s successors, it was unclear what Marvel could see in them as phase 2 directors.  Worried about where the brothers would take the franchise, fans of the star spangled Avenger waited with baited breath to see if their hopes for a better sequel would be met with elation or disappointment come release day on March 13th 2014. There was nothing to worry about. As soon as the first teaser trailer arrived online, it was crystal clear that Kevin Feige and the duo had made all the right decisions and had not only reached the bar set by the first Avengers movie in 2013, but could, realistically, surpass it. The internet was a buzz for months and once released, it was met with positive reviews, regarded as one of the best films Marvel Studios had ever put out, and most importantly, proved The Russo’s knew exactly what they were doing and secured their rightful place along with Joss Whedon, David Taylor, Jon Favreau and the rest of the Marvel Studios Directors Hall Of Fame.

After the success of The Winter Soldier (it took $714.1 Million) it was confirmed that the brothers would be returning to direct the 3rd instalment which at that time was unconfirmed as the ‘Civil War’ – a huge story in the original comic books.  Much like with Joss Whedon confirming he would return for another Avengers film, the Russo’s were met with support and a positive reaction from fans but will this now change since they are about to take over from the much loved 2015 ‘Age of Ultron’ director?


Are you happy with Joss Whedon folding down his director’s chair after ‘Age of Ultron’? Do you think Marvel should find a new director for the ’Infinity War’ films? Or are The Russo Brothers good enough? Let us know!

This is a developing story and we will update you as and when information becomes available.


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