Bad Boys 3 loses its director

Bad Boys 3, aka Bad Boys For Life, has just gone and hit another major stumbling block. The film, that Sony delayed a year (see below), has now lost director Joe Carnahan.

Carnahan, who is set to direct the US remake of The Raid, and is also linked with the X-Force movie, has been attached to the Bad Boys sequel for years, and had penned the screenplay to it as well. In fact, he couldn’t direct the Uncharted movie due to his commitments to the Bad Boys project.

Now, though, his departure from Bad Boys For Life has been revealed by THR, although it’s unclear whether it’s a scheduling problem, or creative differences. Both are cited in its report. The hunt for a new director begins…


The upcoming big screen revival of the Bad Boys movie series has hit a new delay, as Sony has put the film back by nearly a year.

The new movie, which is known as Bad Boys For Life, is reuniting Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, with Joe Carnahan coming in to direct. However, recently, Smith has also been linked with a role in Disney’s upcoming live action take on Dumbo, that Tim Burton is directing. Whilst Smith hadn’t committed to Dumbo, the production schedules for both films clashed. It would be a case of him picking one project over the other.

But perhaps not now.

Bad Boys For Life was originally set for a 2017 release, before Sony put the movie back to January 2018. Now, it’s delayed the film again, with a new release date of November 9th 2018. Furthermore, Sony has also removed Bad Boys 4 from its release schedule for the time being. That film was due to land in 2019.


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