Bad Moms 2 sequel still on the cards

In the aftermath of the success of the really quite joyous Bad Moms, we were somewhat bewildered to hear that the company behind the surprise hit comedy, STX, was pursuing a Bad Dads spin-off rather than a straight sequel. As many had argued, there’s hardly a shortage of films about dads behaving badly, and thus Bad Moms felt a lot fresher than it perhaps should have done. Why not make a sequel to that instead?

Well, directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have cheered us up. Chatting to Cinema Blend, the pair have confirmed that a sequel to Bad Moms isn’t just in the works, it’s the priority over the Bad Dads spin-off. A spin-off they don’t seem to be heavily involved in.

As Lucas said, “our goal right now, first and foremost, is to make Bad Moms 2. To find out a way to get the sequel off the ground, because we had such a great experience making the movie. We know that the studio is excited about expanding the world of, whatever you would call it, the Bad Dads and Bad other things. Our primary focus is on doing a sequel”.

Moore added that “I just want to echo what Jon was saying, which is that we may end up being involved with Bad Dads. We may not. But our focus right now is to get Bad Moms 2 off the ground. We think that those characters are so… there’s such good chemistry with them, we think we could do 10 movies with them and it would be fun”.

Well, if they can make ten Fast & Furious movies (which is the plan), then ten lots of Bad Moms sounds entirely feasible.


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