The Batman: Matt Reeves now in talks to direct

It’s looking like the identity of the new director of The Batman is becoming clearer. Ben Affleck, as you more than likely know, confirmed he wouldn’t be directing the new film a week or two back, although he’s still set to star. And since then, speculation has been rife as to just who will step into his shoes.

And it looks like Matt Reeves is the chosen one.

Reeves is currently putting the finishing touches to this summer’s War For The Planet Of The Apes, but he’s now said to be in early talks to direct The Batman. Warner Bros hasn’t confirmed this of course.

One or two sources have been in touch with us, incidentally, suggesting that Reeves has been doing development work on The Batman for a few weeks now, albeit ‘almost casually’. That’s not been confirmed either, of course, although we’re hearing it from more than one place. Likewise, Reeves seems unlikely to be able to commit more than ‘almost casually’ whilst he’s finishing up Apes anyway.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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