Batman Solo Movie About To Film?

The upcoming Batman solo movie has been an orgy of misinformation, contradictions, and redactions. Every time we think we have a new, concrete detail on the highly anticipated film, someone close to its development comes forward and shoots it down. In fact, the film has remained such a secret that we’ve barely even received any information regarding when it will shoot — until now. Joe Manganiello just spoke out about The Dark Knight’s upcoming solo movie, and it seems that the Gotham-based adventure could potentially start filming as early as next year.

Of course, if we are to believe Joe Manganiello this means that the solo Batman movie could be much further along than we previously thought. If the film begins production in spring 2017, then it would be completely within the realm of possibility to see it debut in the fall of 2018. That would roughly mirror the production schedule of Justice League, which began filming in spring of this year, and is slated to hit theaters next fall.

As of now we still know very little about the actual story of the solo Batman movie. All we really have to work with at this point is the fact that Joe Manganiello will take on the role of Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke, Ben Affleck will reprise his role as Batman, and the overarching story will be a very “villain-heavy” affair. There have been a ton of different (and unsubstantiated) rumors floating around the web about Nightwing, Red Hood, and various forms of Robin popping up, but for now those remain nothing more than rumors.

All that being said, if the wait for more Batman still feels incredibly tedious, then we have some good news. Although the next Batman movie is still a couple of years away (at least) you can rest assured knowing that Justice League will feature the Caped Crusader prominently when it hits theaters next year, and it’s widely rumored that Bruce Wayne will cameo in the Wonder Woman solo movie next summer. DC’s biggest character is going to be a constant presence on the silver screen over the next few years.