Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures (12A)

Small-town teen ETHAN WATE (Alden Ehrenreich) dreams of escaping his ordinary life until the day he meets LENA DUCHANNES (Alice Englert). His attraction is intense: this is the girl he has been dreaming of – literally. They have the same sense of humor. They have both lost their mothers. And unbeknownst to them, they are inextricably linked by supernatural events that took place long before they were born.

Even when Lena confesses to being a “Caster,” a witch, and warns him that he could be hurt just by being with her, Ethan’s affections are unwavering. But as Lena’s 16th birthday approaches, everything spins desperately out of control. Knowing the forces of Light and Dark will soon converge to claim her for good or evil, Lena fears for Ethan’s safety. So she makes an incredible sacrifice: she erases their love from Ethan’s memory. But their connection is inescapable, and as Darkness closes in on Lena, she will have to choose between saving Ethan and holding on to everything else she cares about.

Imaginative, dark and funny, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is a haunting, supernatural love story about an ordinary boy in love with a powerful sorceress who wants to be normal—and the dangerous secret that changes their lives forever.

Starring ALICE ENGLERT (Ginger & Rosa), ALDEN EHRENREICH (Stoker), EMMY ROSSUM (The Day After Tomorrow), JEREMY IRONS (The Lion King), VIOLA DAVIES (The Helpand EMMA THOMPSON (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2)

Directed by RICHARD LAGRAVENESE (Water for Elephants)

Based on the bestselling young adult fantasy novel & first book in the “Caster Chronicles” series by KAMI GARCIA & MARGARET STOHL  

Certificate: 12A   Distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors

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