Ben Whishaw: Bad sex scenes are mortifying

Ben Whishaw fears shooting sex scenes because he’s seen so many terrible ones make it to the screen.

The actor can currently be seen starring as Q in the latest James Bond movie Spectre, and he’s also promoting a TV drama called London Spy. In that he plays a gay man and had to shoot several racy sequences, which never gets easier for the 35-year-old star.

“I haven’t done that many sex scenes really, and we do see so many bad ones, so it is hard to get them right,” he told Britain’s Heat magazine.

Easier was bonding with his co-stars on the programme, among them Jim Broadbent. The two also worked together on 2012 movie Cloud Atlas and their characters this time around enjoyed the same kind of closeness as they did in the movie. That made shooting pretty easy for the pair, with Ben turning to his older colleague for advice on movie making.

“Well, I’d worked with him in a film called Cloud Atlas and there was a very similar situation between our two characters, so we kind of just picked it up from there, really,” he explained. “Jim doesn’t talk much when you’re on set with him, but you look into his eyes and there’s so much happening. Actually, he said to me during filming, ‘You must never talk about acting and never try to explain it to people, because you’ll end up sounding like an idiot.’ I know exactly what he means.”

There has been an increase in the amount of movie stars taking TV roles of late, a trend pioneered by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the first series of True Detective. Ben believes it’s obvious why more stars are following their lead.

“I don’t think the boundary between TV and film is there any more,” he said. “And I think that most – if not all – the interesting writing is in TV these days. You have a lot more time to explore the characters and you don’t have to resolve the plot in an hour and a half. I believe we’re in a really interesting period for TV. I’ve never known anything like it before in my lifetime.”

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