Benicio del Toro: I have no control

Benicio del Toro says the hardest thing about being an actor is the lack of control.

The star moved from TV into movies in the ’90s and has been a regular on the big screen ever since. While he’s considered one of the best in the industry, with an Oscar under his belt, the 48-year-old would hesitate before recommending the career to his children.

“Acting is a tough job,” he admitted to “You have no control over your career, everything is in the hands of others or down to coincidence. It’s not enough to be talented or look good; there are other things at play. Even getting one role isn’t enough. I did five films before anyone noticed me. Then I was lucky enough to be hired by people like Robert Rodriguez, Steven Soderbergh and Oliver Stone.”

One of the trickiest things for Benicio is that he can never tell how filming will go or what a director will be like. He’s even been completely wrong about some features in the past.

“I’ve made movies I thought would be fantastic – then, after watching them, I completely changed my mind,” he revealed. “It’s also been the other way around, where I’ve been really annoyed about doing a film and then it turns out to be the best I’ve ever done.”

He also has a word of warning for actors: never assume a good script will automatically make a good film. “You have to stay on the ball and work hard at your role until hopefully it clicks into place,” he advised.

Benicio’s latest film, Sicario, certainly turned out to be a success. It co-stars Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin and focuses on the war against drugs in the border between US and Mexico.

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