Benicio Del Toro: Nothing’s cooler than an Oscar

Actor Benicio Del Toro looks awesome when holding his Oscar, but understands the triumph wasn’t just about him.

The actor took home the best supporting actor gong in 2001 for Traffic. Three further golden statues were bestowed upon the movie; best director, best film editing and best writing based on material previously produced or published.

Winning may have suited Benicio, but he’s humble enough to acknowledge he didn’t get there on his own.

“I mean, getting home afterwards and looking in the mirror while you’re holding that Oscar? You look f**king good. You’ve won a f**king Oscar. But when it comes down to it, it’s a group effort: the writers, the director, the editors – your fellow actors. It’s a collective achievement,” he explained to Britain’s Esquire magazine.

Benicio has starred in some of modern cinema’s greatest and most celebrated flicks, including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Usual Suspects and Snatch.

It’s hard for the 48-year-old to pick out just one career highlight.

“I don’t know – there have been a few: The Usual Suspects getting the Independent Spirit award; Traffic, and winning the Oscar and the BAFTA; Che was a great moment. You’re only as good as the role and that comes from the writing,” he noted.

Next up Benicio can be seen in Sicario, co-starring Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin. It tells the story of an FBI agent tasked with tracking down a drug lord.

Benicio plays hitman Alejandro and had to work hard to get into the mindset of someone whose career is killing.

“The minute a hitman feels any kind of emotion over what they’re doing, they have to walk away. I had to find a way for Alejandro to compartmentalise his emotion. It’s OK to show emotion the rest of the time, but when you’re getting down to doing what he does, what a hitman does, that emotion can’t be there. He’s got to be able to do what he does then go have a sandwich; a bit like me now,” he smiled.

– Cover Media