Best Exotic Marigold

Hotel Sequel Script on Way.

In the next few weeks, screenwriter Ol Parker will deliver a treatment to mini-studio Fox Searchlight executives for a sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Insiders familiar with the project tell Vulture that the principal cast “all wants to come back,” and it’s easy to see why the studio is eager for them to do so: With a production cost just shy of $10 million, its $130 million worldwide gross made it one of the most profitable films of this year. This underlined the point made by last year’s Red­, which grossed $200 million worldwide on a $58 million budget with its decidedly more mature killers Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich: There’s green in gray.

Now a sizeable crop of actual studio pictures are coalescing around what in Hollywood is an utterly radical notion: What if you didn’t need a huge opening weekend and could count on a slower, steadier climb? What if you aimed at an audience that loved going to the movies — was, in fact, starved, almost desperate for product — and had both the free time and discretionary income to spend on an increasingly rarified leisure-time pursuit just about any day of the week? Well, they exist, they don’t want to see loud sci-fi blockbusters, and they’re finally being noticed.

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