Beware of Mr Baker

Ginger Baker, the subject of the documentary BEWARE OF MR BAKER

Fiery, forthright and self-destructive Ginger Baker has had a career littered with confrontations, arguments and turmoil all whilst being hailed as the worlds best drummer. This no-holds-barred portrait of the man lets him tell his own story, intercut with footage of his continent-hopping life, from London to L.A., Nigeria, Italy, South Africa, and beyond.

Best known for playing in Cream and Blind Faith, Ginger didn’t hit his stride until 1972, when he arrived in Nigeria and discovered Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat. After leaving Nigeria, Ginger returned to his pattern of drug-induced self-destruction, eventually leading him to South Africa, where director Jay Bulger finds the ever truculent 73-year-old living with his young bride and 39 polo ponies and struggling with debts and health problems after a life of excess.

The documentary includes interviews with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Carlos Santana, John Lydon and more.

Certificate: 15     Distributor: Artificial Eye

Dir. Jay Bulger, US, 2012, 100 mins, documentary

Cast (as themselves): Ginger Baker, Fem Kuti, Eric Clapton

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