Black Butler

Black Butler

Sebastian is a demonic butler, perfect at the preparation and serving of exquisite meals, and in providing service and protection. He has an extensive knowledge of all fields.

Sebastian is bound by a secret contract to serve his human master, Kiyoharu, and in return for support of his master’s mission, Sebastian will receive Kiyoharu’s soul. Based on the best-selling comic series written and illustrated by Yana Toboso, “Black Butler” has finally been made into a live-action film. The demonic butler, Sebastian, is played by Hiro Mizushima of “BECK” (2010), who portrays the perfect, but arrogant, butler with elegant movement and stylish action. The film is directed by Kentaro Otani of the “NANA” series, and Keiichi Sato of “Asura” (2012).

Certificate: 15       Distributor: Warner Bros.

Dirs. Kentarô Ohtani & Kei’ichi Sato, Japan, 2014, 119 mins, subtitles

Cast: Hiro Mizushima, Ayame Gôriki, Masatô Ibu, Jonathan Brooks

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