The Blood Street


Major Hardit Singh and his family were leading a peaceful life like very household of a peasantry background. While major was guarding the fronts her wife Jasveer was taking care of their two kids, Daler and Rani. As the time passed by Daler went to college and put up in a hostel there while Rani has to study in the local school of the village. Major came home on vacation. As Major was very popular among his fellow villagers he used to visit the village assembly off and on. He was very tense at the prevailing situations of distrust and suspicion that not only had engulfed his village but also the whole of Punjab.

His village was a cosmopolitan habitation of both the Hindus and Sikhs living together in harmony. But the very harmony was at stake when there were potentials threat to life of minority Hindu community from militants. The militants wanted to impose their diktat of moral policing on the common populace.

Dir. Darshan Darvesh, India, 2015

Cast:  Sonpreet Jawanda, Sardar Sohi, Binni SIngh, Mahanbir Bhullar

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