Bond 24

Christoph Waltz Tipped to play Notorious ‘BloFeld’ Character. 

By Sarah Jayne Alexander.

Donald Pleasence as Bond villain, Blofeld

It has been suggested following reports this week that Christoph Waltz has, in fact, been cast as the character known as ‘Blofeld’ (the pussy cat stroking villain) in Bond 24.

The rumour comes just days after it was announced the actor had officially been cast for an unknown role in the forthcoming Bond flick set to start shooting from early December-January over a series of locations. No other information followed as who this would be but if the reports are true, Mr Waltz is set to play one of the biggest Bond characters of all time.

It was previously reported that the two-time Oscar winner (Inglorious Basterds/D’Jango Unchained) would play a “conflicted role” being neither friend nor foe and it was stressed that just because he has played a villain before, did not mean he would be filling those kinds of shoes again. According to The Daily Mail though, Christoph Waltz will be introduced into Bond 24 as a character called Franz Oberhauser- the son of the late Hans Oberhauser (a ski instructor who acted as a father figure to Bond) and who will then later on be revealed as Ernest Blofeld.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is probably the best known and certainly the most memorable Bond villain out of the 23 previous Bond films that have gone before. Last seen in Never Say Never Again in 1983 (even after appearing to die in For Your Eyes Only), Waltz will be the ninth actor to take on the role following the likes of Donald Pleasence, Charles Gray, Telly Savalas and Max von Sydow and not forgetting being an inspiring character in the Austin Powers films known as ‘Dr Evil’ played by Mike Myers.

Created by original James Bond author Ian Fleming with Kevin McClory, Blofeld has previously appeared in six James Bond films from Eon Productions: From Russia with Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever and For Your Eyes Only. Last November, MGM who own the rights to the Bond Franchise finally settled an ongoing battle with the McClory Estate leaving the path clear to use the Blofeld character and SPECTRE in forthcoming screenplays- the first of which appears to be Bond 24.

What are your thoughts on these rumours? Would you want Christoph Walt playing the notorious Blofeld or did you have other ideas on who he would portray?

Bond 24 has a release date of November 6th 2015 via MGM Studios.

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