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iexpectyoutodiemrbond“No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.” named best Bond moment in Sky Movies HD poll

The laser-charged “No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.” confrontation between Goldfinger and Sean Connery’s Bond has been named the nation’s favourite Bond moment in a new poll from Sky Movies HD to celebrate the return of its dedicated Bond channel Sky Movies 007/HD.

After 50 years and 23 films to date, Sky Movies asked over 2,500 members of the public to name their favourite Bond moment as part of a special programme BOND¹S GREATEST MOMENTS which is available on Sky Movies 007/HD and On Demand.

Hosted by Sky Movies presenter Alex Zane, the programme includes contributions from much-loved Bond stars including Daniel Craig and Judi Dench, Bond directors, producers and celebrity fans including Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman.

When informed of the winning moment, which received 10.3% of the votes, current Bond star Daniel Craig admitted: “Yes, that would take some beating.”

Second in the poll was the breath-taking pre-title moment in The Spy Who Loved Me which showed Roger Moore skiing off the edge of an Austrian mountain to open a Union Jack parachute (7.6%), which narrowly beat the first ever, now definitive “Bond…James Bond” statement from Sean Connery in 1962′s Dr. No, which was third with 5.7%.

Marking a change in direction for Bond at the time, Daniel Craig’s exciting parkour chase across a building site in Casino Royale was named in fourth place in the poll (5.3%) ahead of The Man With The Golden Gun’s barrel roll car sequence, which saw Roger Moore¹s Bond perform a daring car jump across a Bangkok river (4.5%).

Pierce Brosnan made his entry into the poll in sixth place with 3.3% for his tank chase through St. Petersburg in Goldeneye which just beat Roger Moore’s novel crocodile ‘stepping stone’ escape in Live And Let Die in seventh (2.8%). Speaking about the moment, Hugh Jackman jokes: “Roger Moore escaping some situation by jumping over alligators¹ backs ­ am I remembering that right or was that an SNL spoof? It could have been.”

The eighth most popular Bond scene was back to four wheels for Daniel Craig¹s Quantum of Solace Aston Martin DBS race through the banks of Lake Garda (2.2%), followed by Desmond Llewellyn’s final scene as Q in The World Is Not Enough where viewers saw him advise Pierce Brosnan to “pay attention 007″ for the very last time (2%).

A sombre moment rounds off the top ten of Bond moments, courtesy of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and George Lazenby’s only turn as 007. Following a tumultuous relationship and just moments after marrying his bride Tracy (played by Diana Rigg), celebrations were cut short when Blofeld carried out a drive-by-shooting that killed her and left Bond grief-stricken (1.7%).

All of these moments and more feature in BOND¹S GREATEST MOMENTS on Sky Movies 007/HD and On Demand.

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