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Whether you look at the three-day weekend takings for Thor: The Dark World or its previews-boosted five-day tally,it’s the same good news for cinema-owners and Disney-owned Marvel: the film has posted the biggest opening at UK cinemas since the arrival of Despicable Me 2 in late June. With £5.57m for the three days, and £8.67m over the five, the superhero flick has also delivered a big improvement on the original Thorfilm, which debuted with £3.11m (£5.45m including previews) in April 2011.

The incredible success of 2012’s The Avengers created a rising tide that has lifted all of the constituent parts in this particular universe. Earlier this summer, Iron Man 3 opened significantly bigger than any previous Iron Man film – 79% up on Iron Man 2. And now The Dark World has debuted 59% bigger than Thor did. Disney and Marvel will be hoping thatCaptain America: The Winter Soldier can perform a similar feat when it arrives next May – so far, the character has proved commercially the puniest Avenger, with £9.48m UK lifetime, unless you count 2003’s The Hulk (£8.43m) or 2008’s The Incredible Hulk (£8.28m).

The original Thor reached a lifetime total of £14.04m in the UK. Based on the opening numbers, the sequel could reach £22m, although this assumes a similar trajectory and decay rate to Thor, buoyed by similarly positive audience reactions. Sequels usually see relatively strong opening numbers followed by hefty drops, so Thor 2 might not stay the course. Gravity offers sturdy competition later this week.

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