Brian May slams Sacha Baron Cohen

Brian May has responded to Sacha Baron’s Cohen’s comments about the planned Freddie Mercury biopic…

Last month, Sacha Baron Cohen went on the Howard Stern show in the US, to promote his then-upcoming feature, Grimbsy. Whilst there, he talked about why he quit the planned biopic of Freddie Mercury, arguing that the remaining members of Queen wanted a film that was PG-rated, and spent half the movie focusing on the band after Mercury’s death.

Brian May, however, has rubbished Baron Cohen’s comments. And didn’t mince his words either.

“Sacha became an arse”, he said. “We had some nice times with Sacha kicking around idea, but he went off and told untruths about what happened”.

May added that the talk of a toned down movie was nonsense too. “Why would he go away and say that we didn’t want to make a gritty film? Are we the kind of people who have ever ducked from the truth? I don’t think so”, May said.

As for why Sacha Baron Cohen and Queen parted company? According to May, it was “for very good reasons, which will become apparent if you watch what he’s done recently”.


The Freddie Mercury biopic is progressing, with Ben Whishaw set to take the lead role.