Brie Larson: Oscars talk seems surreal

Actress Brie Larson feels like a single woman talking about marriage when she discusses the possibility of winning an Oscar.

The Short Term 12 star is receiving rave reviews for harrowing drama Room, based on Emma Donoghue’s novel about a woman abducted as a teenager and held captive in a garden shed. After being raped by her captor her son Jack is born, and she must make impossible decisions for the two of them.

Her name is cropping up in the Academy Awards buzz, but Brie, 26, feels it’s too soon to be planning an acceptance speech.

“It’s like talking about getting married one day when you don’t have a boyfriend,” she laughed to Empire magazine. “It’s fun to talk about it but it doesn’t mean anything yet.”

Jacob Tremblay, nine, plays little Jack and the actress used Lego figures to bond with her fictional son. It also helped that the set was tiny, 11ft. by 15ft., and the movie was completed in a 49-day shoot.

“It felt like clowns packed into a clown car,” she smiled of the atmosphere. “Someone’s elbow or butt was always in your face. It did create a sense of intimacy which added to the performances on the screen.”

Brie has a varied career, which includes leading roles in indie features and smaller parts in big-budget flicks like 21 Jump Street and Trainwreck. One of her next features is Kong: Skull Island, due out in 2017, in which she’ll star alongside Brit actor Tom Hiddleston.

“People don’t have as much respect for those bigger movies as they should,” she argued. “Star Wars is a big epic movie but it tells the same story that Room is telling. It is the same archetypes, the same journey. To me, doing Kong: Skull Island is no different. It’s exciting to know that I can tell a story that is going to be seen by more people.”

Room hits the US in November (15), while it will start rolling out globally in 2016.

– Cover Media