Brie Larson: Room is rooted in mythology

Brie Larson’s latest film is rooted in Greek mythology.

The 25-year-old actress plays Ma in Room, based on the same-titled book by Emma Donoghue. Ma is held captive in the shed of Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) after she offers to help him find a lost dog and seven years on, she’s trapped with her son Jack, born after she was raped by Nick.

Brie looked to folklore tales when preparing for the role, with one in particular fitting the storyline.

“It’s a very old story. It’s rooted in mythology. One of my favourite stories in Greek mythology is the story of Demeter and Persephone. Zeus comes in and steals Persephone and Demeter has to go through the seven gates of hell and remove a different piece of herself in order to get back to her daughter,” she explained to WWD. “So I imagine that Persephone is, sort of, Ma’s innocence that’s taken away. We as people can really identify with the concept of being in a place that’s in utero. We’re in a safe, small place, but it’s not really enough. We want more from the world, but it takes a lot of courage. It takes a really big step in order to get outside of that.”

Room is told from the perspective of Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, where Brie was honoured with Breakthrough Actress at Entertainment Weekly’s The Must List party. It’s received rave reviews and the star is thrilled with how audiences are reacting to the hard-hitting plot.

“I feel… good? I feel like the movie is reminding people of who they are, which is what I think all great art does,” she added. “To be around and be there to receive people as they’re having this experience has been really special.”

– Cover Media

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