Bryan Cranston: ‘I can’t work in coffee shops anymore’

Bryan Cranston has retreated to more secluded spots for writing since starring in Breaking Bad.

The 59-year-old star first became a recognisable face after starring as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle. While the part was well loved, it was his casting as Walter White in Breaking Bad that launched him as an A-lister.

As well as acting, Bryan is also a keen writer but finds he can no longer type away at his local coffee shop.

“In a comfortable chair or a public place,” he told Britain’s Time Out London magazine when questioned on where he works best. “I can’t really work in coffee shops anymore. I need to find more reclusive places.”

The setting is a world away from where late screenwriter Dalton Trumbo liked to work, which Bryan shows in his new movie Trumbo. Trumbo tells the story of how talented writer Dalton was blacklisted in ‘40s America for his communist views. The movie has been a roaring success, scoring Bryan his first Oscar nomination. There are numerous times in the feature where Bryan is seen knocking back whiskey in the bath – a favourite spot for Dalton to pen his work.

“Cigarettes, whiskey, Dexedrine… The truth is that he had chronic back pain from years of hunching over typewriters, not stretching and not taking care of himself,” Bryan explained. “His doctors said: ‘You need to soak in a bath with Epsom salts for an hour or two every day.’ He didn’t have time to spend an hour in a bath! So it was pragmatic: I’m going to put my office in the bathroom and do two things at once.”

Saying yes to Trumbo was easy for Bryan, as Dalton’s flamboyancy and dramatic story resonated instantly.

“A big life, a big ego, but he had a true heart,” he smiled.

– Cover Media

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