Bryan Cranston: Oscars don’t interest me

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston isn’t interested in winning an Oscar and would rather focus on making the best film possible.

Since the TV drama ended in 2013 he’s worked on big-screen projects including biographical flick Trumbo, which explores screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s story. He was blacklisted in Hollywood for his communist beliefs, meaning studios flat-out refused to work with him and he was even arrested.

After his release, Trumbo continued to write under false names, even winning Academy Awards with Roman Holiday and The Brave One.

Just like his alter ego, Cranston is interested in telling a story first and foremost.

“It’s not something that I focus on,” he assured journalists at the Trumbo press conference as part of London Film Festival. “Our job is trying to focus on making the best film possible and now to promote it. Hopefully it resonates with the audience as well as the critics, an important story that also entertains. If people beyond that want to celebrate it with some nomination of some sort, great, but that’s certainly not a focus in my mind.”

Even though Cranston is taking on such an iconic character, he’ll always remain Walter White from Breaking Bad to many of his fans. With spin-off series Better Call Saul going down well on Netflix, fans are eager for him to make a cameo – and the star wouldn’t rule it out.

“I don’t know if a cameo is in the works for my character – it could be. And I certainly would do it!” he promised.

Trumbo also stars Helen Mirren and John Goodman and rolls out in cinemas starting November 2015.

– Cover Media