Mr Calzaghe (15)

The extraordinary life and career of Welsh-Italian Boxer, Joe Calzaghe, and his father and trainer, Enzo. The film charts Joe’s life from impoverished beginnings in industrial Wales and a child-hood of gruelling training and horrendous bullying, to Joe and Enzo taking on the vicious world of Boxing, beating the best fighters that America could throw at them and getting out with their lives, relationship and fortune in tact. Mr.Calzaghe  is a real life Rocky tale of incredible sporting challenges and triumphs and an emotional study of a unique father and son team.

Documentary | Sport

Dir. Vaughan Sivell, UK, 2015,

Cast (as themselves): Joe Calzaghe, Enzo Calzaghe, Matthew Rhys, Michael J Fox, Ioan Gruffudd, Mike Tyson

Mr Calzaghe teaser from Western Edge Pictures on Vimeo.