Camp 14


Born inside a North Korean prison camp as the child of political prisoners, Shin Dong-hyuk was raised in a world where all he knew was punishment, torture and abuse beyond imagination. After more than two decades of imprisonment, Shin escaped the camp in 2005 and subsequently became something of an international celebrity, touring Europe and North America to tell his story to human rights conferences and activist groups — but life on the outside proved to have its own challenges. Weaving intimate interviews with Shin together with anecdotes from a former camp guard and a member of the secret police, and interspersing them with brilliant animated sequences depicting key moments in Shin’s life, Marc Wiese’s fascinating documentary Camp 14: Total Control Zone is both a powerful story of survival and an evocative character study, showing the feelings of guilt, anger, remorse and complicity that are shared between both abused and abusers.

Camp 14 Out 04th October 2013

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