Carey Mulligan: Meryl is the dream

Carey Mulligan says working with Meryl Streep was “the dream”.

The actresses finally teamed up for feminist drama Suffragette, with Meryl taking on the character of activist Emmeline Pankhurst. It’s only a small part, but her incredible presence is exactly what was needed for the role.

“Meryl Streep was always the dream, but none of us ever thought it would happen,” Carey admitted to Empire magazine. “I remember Sarah (Gavron, director) calling me and neither of us could believe it. I said, ‘Right, we have to shoot this right now before she changes her mind!'”

Suffragette focuses on the important women’s movement and fighting for the right to vote. But while it might seem like a piece of history, Carey couldn’t see things more differently.

“This isn’t just some documentary about how the world was,” she argued. “It’s a look at where we are now. In Saudi Arabia, women are getting the vote in 2015, the same year we’re releasing this film. It’s insane.”

And sexism still dominates many areas of life, with actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Sienna Miller recently addressing the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

In a recent photo shoot for Time Out London to promote the movie, Carey and Meryl were seen wearing T-shirts bearing the quote “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave”, which comes straight from an Emmeline Pankhurst speech. It was taken the wrong way by many, but Carey hopes that won’t put people off talking about the important issues the film raises.

“I think one of the reasons you make a film like this is to spark conversations, and you know, obviously there’s sensitivities around that and that’s unfortunate and never intended,” Carey told Entertainment Tonight. “But I think the discourse is great and that’s something we should encourage and not try to curve.”

– Cover Media