Carry On movies set to be revived

Plans are afoot for two new Carry On movies, the first of which will arrive 25 years after the last.

Carry On Columbus was, to date, the swansong of the series, released in 1992 to little fanfare and even less acclaim. Even the box office didn’t measure up, pretty much killing the series stone dead.

Well, until now. Production is due to start later this year on a pair of new Carry On films. There’s Carry On Doctors and Carry On Campus, neither of which will feature any of the original stars of the movies (Jim Dale and Barbara Windsor are amongst the surviving names).

Tim Dawson and Susan Nickson, the pair behind Two Pints Of Lager, are penning the screenplays. The idea is to give the series a fresh start, but to keep “the old cheekiness of the past films”. A Carry On Cinematic Universe (COCU), perhaps?

The new Carry On films have reportedly been on the cards for some time, but there’s no casting or director news yet. Will keep you posted. Matron.

The Sun