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UK Box Office

Disney’s live-action remake slips just 18% after its stunning opening week, as drone thriller Eye in the Sky looks on in second spot

UK Box Office

Live-action/CGI remake of 1967 animation debuts with an impressive £9.9m; and Helen Mirren’s Eye in the Sky hits the spot between thriller and adult drama

Statham vs. prehistoric shark

Jason Statham is 'this close' to signing up for a movie that will pit the action star supreme against his most menacing opponent yet: a prehistoric shark.

UK Box Office

The Huntsman: Winter’s War shoots to the top, but Disney’s animation – a hit with couples and families – is the real winner

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 moving forward

Plans for a sequel to the excellent Edge Of Tomorrow have advanced, it seems, with the news that Doug Liman is returning to direct the follow-up.