Child 44

First look at Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman in the forthcoming thriller.

By Sarah Jayne Alexander. 


CHILD 44 is the new Ridley Scott adaptation based on a 2008 award winning Tom Rob Smith novel (first of a trilogy) of the same name in which a disgraced Soviet agent finds a connection between a string of child murders and party leadership. The film sees Tom Hardy playing ‘Leo Demidov’ a Russian secret police agent who sets out to investigate missing children. The film also stars British acting legend Gary Oldman as ‘General Timur Nesterov’, Swedish actress Noomi Rapace (Prometheus, The Drop) as ‘Raisa Demidov’ and fellow Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman (Safe House, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) as ‘Vasili Nikitin’.

Watch the first dark and unnerving Child 44 international trailer here:

The novel, set during Stalin’s 1952 Soviet era, is based on the real-life crimes of serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, also known as the Butcher of Rostov/the Red Ripper, who was convicted of and executed for 52 murders in the Soviet Union. After being nominated for an incredible 14 international awards and winning 7 of them, Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) saw potential and snapped up the film rights immediately, leading to an announcement in 2009 which confirmed there would be a cinematic adaptation at some point in the future. Currently, there is no information on whether or not the other two books in the trilogy will also be adapted but Ridley Scott owns the rights to the whole lot so we’re going to speculate and say they will more than likely be announced off the back of Child 44’s (expected) box office success.

This will be the first time Hardy and Oldman have paired up since they appeared as enemies in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises as Bane and Commissioner Gordon in 2012 but it appears all is well as the appear to be on the same side in order to bring the child killer Chikatilo down after Leo and his wife are exiled from Russia. As far as edge of seat thrillers laced with gripping politically charged undercurrent pushing them steadily along go, Child 44 with its bleak, cold and somewhat depressive tones is ahead of the race by miles. We are also incredibly impressed by the range of accents Mr Hardy seems to be able to pull off (and suit) with ease. Is there anything the man CAN’T do?

Child 44 is directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House, Easy Money) co-produced by Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer and Greg Shapiro and written by Richard Price (Ransom, Shaft, The Wire).

Child 44 is due for release in the UK on 17th April 2015 via Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment.

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