Chris Pine: ‘Chiwetel’s too famous for me!’

Chris Pine feels honoured to have Chiwetel Ejiofor’s number in his phone, but admits the Oscar nominee doesn’t always text him back.

The stars both appear in 2015’s Z for Zachariah and became good friends on set. They even swapped digits but Chiwetel, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2014 after starring in 12 Years a Slave, doesn’t always make the time for Chris.

“Probably Chiwetel Ejiofor,” Chris answered Empire magazine when asked about the most famous person in his phone. But when quizzed if he texts back quickly, the star joked: “No! He’s an award nominee, I’m not…”

But Chris doesn’t need to feel too sorry for himself; Star Trek Beyond is out in July (16) and he’s also been confirmed for Star Trek 4 in 2019. He’s also proved popular in action films like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which ended up being his most dangerous venture yet.

“Probably breaking my finger during Jack Ryan,” he revealed when asked about his worst injury as an adult. “It was the sound of it that was so gnarly, just hearing it snap. I was trying to hit a large man in a fake way and accidentally connected. He was fine!”

Chris also stars in new film The Finest Hours, playing real life Coast Guard coxswain (person in charge of a boat) Bernie Webber, who was involved in a daring rescue attempt during a blizzard in 1952.

“I enjoyed it because… you know, we’re not reinventing the wheel with this story,” he told Collider. “It’s just about honest, solid, blue collar men that go out and do great things and then go home… It wasn’t brooding or dark or edgy. It was just good storytelling.”

– Cover Media