Christoph Waltz: Cool doesn’t interest me

Actor Christoph Waltz doesn’t care whether the roles he picks are considered “cool”.

The German-Austrian star takes on the role of villain Franz Oberhauser in the hotly anticipated new James Bond flick Spectre. While it’s considered one of the slickest franchises in Hollywood, that’s not what attracted him to the project.

“Do I look like someone who would do something just because it’s cool?” he challenged Germany’s TV Movie magazine. “Cool is a factor I don’t take into consideration.”

Spectre sees Daniel Craig in the role of 007, who is tormented by the evil Franz in a personal revenge plot. The fact that the films are based on existing books was a major draw for Christoph, 59.

“We actually know how the story ends,” he explained. “It’s a challenge to make something special out of that.”

Christoph thinks German accents have been used for Bond villains because of their association with the Nazis, however he’s glad people are finally moving away from those clichés. For the star, there was only one important task: make Bond look good.

“The villain lets Bond shine,” he said. “The villain enables Bond to do heroic things. For me, the best villains just look like normal people. It makes them even more terrifying.”

Christoph began his acting career in TV and worked his way up very slowly. Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds proved his breakthrough, winning him the best supporting actor Oscar.

“I think success has made me more understanding,” he mused to Britain’s The Guardian newspaper recently. “I mean, I’m just as intolerant as I was before, but I am infinitely more understanding. Because there are so many good actors who would love to work on good projects and apply their considerable talents to a great text. And yet they have to make a living. They have to exist in some form of dignity, if possible – and maybe it isn’t even possible. And my God, I’ve been there. I’ve done so many jobs because I’ve had to, not because I’ve wanted to.”

– Cover Media

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