Christoph Waltz: Typecasting isn’t for me

Christoph Waltz is continually offered Nazi roles, which he believes is a sign of lazy filmmaking.

The star won the best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of Col. Hans Landa in 2009 movie Inglourious Basterds. The character is an SS colonel and Christoph remains surprised that so many moviemakers seem to think he’d be happy to star as someone like that again.

“Constantly. I still am,” he told Britain’s Empire magazine, when asked if he is still offered similar parts. “Typecasting is not really a wrong thing, per se. And it needs to be decided from case to case. I constantly get offers to play stupid Nazis and haunting villains. Usually people don’t know what they’re after. I have no interest in working with people who don’t know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.”

Christoph’s next big release is the new James Bond movie, Spectre. He’s playing main antagonist Franz Oberhauser, a role he’d considered in the past. Much as he would have loved to portray the smooth spy on screen, the Austrian star has always known that would be impossible given his heritage, but the villain was someone he could imagine working for him.

Daniel Craig is back as 007, with Sam Mendes directing the flick. Christoph hopes people will be impressed with it, not least because he’s fascinated by the new direction the spy is going in. That said, he’s not always been a fan of those who have portrayed the iconic character.

“I hate that word ‘franchise’,” he added. “Franchise is something you sell when you have an idea how to market burger joints. This is not a franchise. This is Bond movies, and they could exist without the others. You don’t need 24 to understand what it’s about.

“In James Bond, you have a specific character and Sam changed that a little bit. A little dark, a little haunted. (Previous Bond) Roger Moore was this cynical joker. Fabulous, because of Roger Moore. When Pierce Brosnan tried the same thing, it didn’t really work that well did it?”

– Cover Media

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