Clemence Poesy: ‘Thrillers should scare the mind’

Clemence Poesy prefers psychological thrillers to bloody ones.

The French actress stars in The Ones Below, a film about soon-to-be parents who notice sinister differences between themselves and their neighbours, who are also expecting their first baby.

With themes such as isolation, pregnancy and paranoia addressed in the scary flick, there was an immediate appeal for Clemence.

“For me it was about the storytelling,” she explained to British magazine Stylist. “I was really interested in the way this story was constructed, the way you never really know if what you think is real actually is. Especially with a moment of someone’s life (post childbirth) that can be quite blurry. I like thrillers when nothing gets bloody, when it’s about what’s happening in the mind.

Clemence added that she thinks the scariest thing about pregnancy is that you cannot really “learn anything until you experience it”.

“There’s not going to be a lesson you can take on motherhood or a manual you can read,” she said.

Clemence began acting over 15 years ago and has landed roles in the Harry Potter franchise and 127 Hours throughout her career. At just 33 she still has a long future ahead of her when it comes to performing, with plenty of motivation to help her along the way.

“The older I get the more interested in the part of my work that happens before I get into filming, so trying to work out where this character is coming from and creating a bit of her,” she noted.

“It can be quite sad when you leave her behind but traits of what makes a good character sometimes stay with you and you call them to mind for the other characters to help you with a new one. They’re part of the treasure chest I keep for my work, but they don’t come into my life and interfere.”

– Cover Media