Clue is getting a remake

A second movie based on the boardgame Cluedo is on the way…

The 1985 movie adaptation of the game Cluedo – which went by the its American title of Clue – was one of those films infamous for failing to set the box office alight on its original release, but went on to find a sizeable audience afterwards. That’s not a surprise, either: Jonathan Lynn’s movie remains a real treat, with a cast led by the peerless Tim Curry.

Still, it’s remake time. 20th Century Fox has picked up the rights to make further films based on Cluedo, and it has a new movie on the way. Josh Feldman is producing, and the plan this time is tell the story of a ‘worldwide mystery’, this time with ‘action-adventure elements’. Furthermore, if all goes to plan, then expect an ongoing franchise of films.

There had been earlier plans for a new Cluedo movie, with Universal eventually dropping the project five years ago, having had Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski involved. It’s unclear yet who will be directing or writing the new take on the game.


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